Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another Movie Premiere

On September 20, I got to attend my fifth movie premiere. There was just as much dazzling glitz and glamour here as when I attended the Men in Black premiere in Hollywood.

Red carpet, rapidfire camera flashes going off in my face, the respect and praise of my peers... definite bliss. It was always a dream of mine to see my name up on the silver screen alongside the beautiful Manhattan skyline and there it was. There's a lot to be said for whatever the mind can conceive it can achieve.

It was held at the Clearview Cinema on 8th Ave. and 23rd St. in Chelsea. New York City served as the wonderful backdrop to this event and as always, it shined.

The movie was Uncle Melvin's Apartment from Weintraub Films. It was directed by Craig Weintraub; a young, very talented upcoming director who's slated to direct his second feature called, My Baby Grand soon. He's also taken an interest in my project, All My Friends Are Getting Married. I should be so lucky as to have him on board. He made all of us actors feel very comfortable and the whole shoot was an extremely enjoyable one. Thank you, Craig.

Mitch Walters played the leading man and also wrote the film with Craig. He's a hilarious comedian that I've worked with many times and has become a friend in the process. In fact, it was Mitch who approached me about playing the part of the snooty, witty British doorman in the movie.
He used to write for many shows including Laverne and Shirley, Happy Days, Frazier as well as standup routines. Thank you for the amazing opportunity, Mitch.

I had so much fun with all of the actors including Jimmy Shubert. We were recently on the same bill at The Borgata in Atlantic City.
In the film, Jimmy played the antagonist but I can tell you from personal experience that as convincingly as he portrayed the rotten character he was in the film, he's just the opposite in real life.

I also had a fantastic time with the crew. I always bond with the crew. They are the unsung heroes. Talented, hard-working, modest and the reason actors look so good. It was fun joking around with them throughout the shoot.

I expect many more movie premieres on an even greater scale. Bring it on, universe! :-)

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