Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy New Year!

I can't believe it's been a little over 365 days since I wrote that same line. In 2008 I was determined to be a lot more positive and I definitely lived up to my expectations. The year was very fruitful, somewhat turbulent (in a very positive way) and I achieved most of my goals. In some ways, I surpassed my expectations. Writing a screenplay for one of Frank Sinatra's closest friends was definitely a highlight. I'm thrilled to report that we now have a deal with a producer who is trying to get the movie made. My other two projects got closer to production than ever and I'm making sure that everything I do will continue that trend. The important thing is to enjoy the ride.

It's interesting how most people successfully transcend themselves into a fired up positive frame of mind for the first couple of weeks as their New Year's resolutions excitedly bounce around in their heads and hearts. Unfortunately, more often than not, within a month, their resolutions are forgotten and the negative, lazy way of life resumes... that is until of course December 31 rolls around again.

One of my acting teachers believed that the first ten to twenty days of the year serve as a barometer as to how the rest of the year is going to unfold. When I first heard that, it inspired me to make sure that, no matter what, I had to make sure that those first ten days we're going to be electrically charged with as much positive energy and determination that I could manifest. Whether there is any truth to the theory is irrelevant. I found it was a great way to make sure that I maintained my affirmative attitude and did as much as possible to get closer to my goals in those first ten days. Sure enough, the rest of the year followed that trend.

A while back, I remember the year started with a lot of misery and it was in my head that this was going to be the tone for the rest of the year. Sure enough... that's what I got.

Again, these are just theories but serve as a great example as to how powerful the mind is. There is nothing new in this. Basically, if you sow positive seeds and nurture them with faith, determination and courage, they will grow with all your desires. If on the other hand you sow seeds of a negative nature, again, this is what will grow... detrimental and negative outcomes.

It's amazing how powerful the mind is. I've always been inspired by people like Thomas Edison, Martin Luther King, Helen Keller, Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa to name a few. All of these wonderful people always sowed positive seeds and their outcome, even in times of great distress and tragedy spawned nothing but positive energy beyond their years on earth that we continue to be inspired by to this day.

Here's wishing that you sow positive seeds in 2009!