Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Screenplay Progress

Well, it looks like there's some progress with “Set ‘em up, Joe”... the screenplay adaptation I was writing for Dino Pavlou who I told you was one of Frank Sinatra's closest friends and part of the inner circle a propos the Rat Pack.

Dino called me with an enthusiastic exuberance in his voice. He told me that he had some good news. As it turns out, he managed to get the script to an incredible Hollywood heavy by the name of Mildred Iatrou Morgan. There's not enough room here to list her Hollywood credits so I'll provide this link which lists a lot of them.

To cut a long blog short, they liked the script. I'm thunderstruck and positively flattered!

We're all getting together for a dinner meeting tomorrow to discuss the next step.

There's also some progress with one of my other screenplays called Not Until She Sings. I'll expound on that a little later.

Health and happiness to all!

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